Bladnoch 7 Year Old Lightly Peated 56.4%

Bladnoch 7 year old Lightly Peated 56.4%

Cask 331

The nose has deepened up really well. Initially it resembles Raymond’s Invergordon with, lovely creamy vanilla oak and light grassy notes. The youthful rose petal character is fading with age but there’s still a hint of it amongst the light honeyed fruit and the high-toned peat notes. This is developing very well!

The palate is quiet oily like the 6 year old was but the deep rich fruit character is evolving wonderfully so that the creamy oak is not too dominant. There’s still a touch of youthful cereal, spice and peat, however the intense alcohol masks the finish.

A drop of water really thickens up the nose. It seems weightier and emphasises the purity of the vanilla oils. Over time the peat reek increases with a suggestion of bog myrtle. It seems a lot more rounded than the 6 year old and the rose petal marc like note has practically disappeared. The palate likewise fees weightier, with a delightful depth of apricot and fleshy yellow fruit along with light, dry spice and a touch of gristy cereal. The alcohol still bites on the middle but its controlled now and the fruit is really beginning to shine. The peat has taken on a magnificent crumbly, light herbal/ grassy quality and although only light it has a purity and intensity. It finishes quiet dry with a suggestion of salt and an almost floral note.

If this spirit keeps evolving like this by the time it reaches 10 it is going to be stunning. It goes to show that you don’t need vast quantities of peat to make an interesting young peated malt, but what you do need is a depth of fruit and oak. Hat’s off to Raymond as he’s definitely onto a winner with this one!

Notes supplied by Chris


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