Bladnoch 8 year old 55%

Bladnoch 8 year old 55%

A real nose full of briny, floral honey, light earth and peat, bog myrtle and rose petals. It’s quite rounded and deep with an impression of beeswax encrusted fruit along with a background of oak. The palate opens with crisp barley, light honey and a smidge of gentle earthy-peat along with a touch of salinity. Very fresh and mouth watering alcohol leaves white peach and herbal nuances on the middle, finally the oak arrives with a hint of butterscotch on the finish.

A drop of water emphasises the oils on the nose. There is a faint intimation of lanolin, but the fruit still seems reluctant to emerge from its honeyed depth. Later a touch of orange blossom and grass emerges and after what seems like an age it finally reveals some lovely juicy orange fruit. On the palate it has become a tad sweeter and the oak has become more prominent, (which was what was lacking from the first bottling at 6 years of age) adding some natural caramel and toasted butter. The oak dries out the finish a bit but the spirit is robust enough to cope – just!

Tasting Notes supplied by Chris


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