Bladnoch 17 year old 55% Sherry Cask

Bladnoch 17 year old 55%

Fino Sherry Butt 2609

Distilled 15 July 1992, Bottled 23 July 2009

Quite a floral nose. Juicy apple and apricot combine well with the cask imparting a saline, green nuts and light hickory character. It’s very fresh and there is a suggestion of peat. Over time it becomes quite herbaceous and finally some oak vanillins join in.

The palate definitely needs some water as it is all grape, green nuts, wood tannins and alcohol. As the alcohol fades there are hints of white fruit, herbs and buckets of salt.

A drop of water brings of a faint rubbery/ sulphur note, but the rancio from the cask keeps continuously evolving and some lovely orange fruit with an oily sheen emerges. On the palate, it has allowed some sweetness to come through and balance the saltiness. Now it begins to show some complexity – rose petals, lemon and floral apricot. Still very grippy but that apricot fruit shines beautifully. An attractive finish with spices and rose petal notes returning and a candied after taste.

Notes supplied by Chris


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