Bladnoch 19 year old 55%

Bladnoch 19 year old 55%

Bourbon Cask

After the first sniff I thought it was a dead ringer for the 18 year old bottled a while ago (Initially very grassy on the nose – Not freshly cut but old, dried grass, rushes and straw) but with a greater degree of oak and an old spirity note, even the orange fruit was just about hanging on by it’s fingertips! – However……….. It just needs some time and a bit of swirling………… and suddenly as if by the magic of the Brownie of Bladnoch (yes I remember that bottling!) the most delightful perfumed white flower note appears, as does some wonderfully luscious, honeyed fruit.

The palate is very much like the 18 year old, with the alcohol dominating the proceedings and only the old grass/ straw notes getting a look in. Adding a drop of water one word springs to mind. Beautiful! The honey caresses the tongue and the liquid orange fruit fills the mouth. Where it may have lost the vibrant complexity of youth it has more than made up for it with the mellow softness of age. There is definitely life left in the old girl!

Notes supplied by Chris


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