Bladnoch 6 year old 56.9% Sherry Matured

Bladnoch 6 year old Sherry Matured 56.9%

Very much darker and I would imagine that this was matured in a first fill butt. It’s rich and crisp on the nose, exceptionally clean and creamy with sherry and coffee aromas. The marc-like rose petal notes stand up well to the cask and it has a lovely fresh, edgy feel to it along with a touch of menthol.

The palate is superb, full of moist, rich fruit cake flavours, chocolate and raisins. The marc-like notes develop on the middle along with a straw and dunnage note also, The sherry returns with a chocolate drop vengeance adding roasted coffee bean notes and a slight violet note in the finish.

A drop of water makes the nose a lot creamier the coffee and chocolate drops are set against a fabulous citrus background. It also brings out an orange blossom note as well.

On the palate it pushes the sherry influence to the background allowing the marc-like rose petal notes to show fully. There are also some lovely dry, earthy, organic spices to compliment the wood tannins.

It’ll be intriguing to see how these casks evolve over time.

Notes supplied by Chris


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