Caol Ila 28 year old 55.2% Bladnoch Forum Bottle

Caol Ila 28 year old 55.2%

Hogshead 8154

A soft and gentle nose of mature honey and re-fill sherry fruit, accentuated by a bucket full of hickory and chocolate as well as a touch of brine, bog myrtle and gentle peat. Over time the fish oils emerge along with a light, sugared note. The honeyed sweetness continues to evolve and build. The palate is quite tannic and mirrors the nose. The alcohol although fairly low really hammers the palate hard but the fishy notes seem to ride it out. It finishes with a lovely dusty peat and charcoal notes. Water please!

That’s better! Water brings out the sherried sweetness and candied fruit. The fish oils are now pushed to the edge, but the balance superbly the deep, dense, gorgeously mature fruit. The palate has now come to life. Soft, juicy and gently sherry-sweet. A touch of mature tropical fruit emerges as does a big hit of herbal-hemp, garden plants, hop heads, leaves and earth. The coastal, fishy flavours lurk in the background as does a light rubber note. Subtle yet intense, rounded and mouth filling, wonderfully mature!

Notes supplied by Chris


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