Bladnoch 15 year old 55% Miniature Beltie

Bladnoch 15 yrs, OB, miniature Cows-label, 55%

Color: Sweet white wine.
Nose: Wet rocks, some peat dripped in here as well. Heather again (typical for Bladnochs? or am I typical?) I’m getting some Port-like notes… What barrel was used for this? Quite peppery on the nose, don’t stay to lang with your nose in that glass, plastics, rubbers…, some flowers in there as well. Very particular nose. But nice. Like meeting your best family if this is your like…
Taste: Develops on something peppery and dry. Gets dryer and dryer with roses and sweet tannines of bitter chocolate. Quite nice! A real surprise after the nose. I learned already that Bladnoch makes quite exceptional whiskies… this one is surely a good buy. Will it be still available? Raymond Armstrong (the manager) slipped this bottle in my pocket and told me: “This is one to enjoy for yourself”, so who knows?
Aftertaste: Same development, but gets dryer more quickly. A sudden death is constructed with some rose-leaves and bitterness. Very nice Bladnoch, again!
Score: 91.
Remarks: Raymond…, I would love to taste this one at 18 or 21 yrs! Is it available?

Notes supplied by Reinder


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