Bladnoch 19 year old 54.6% Whisky in the Church Bottle

Bladnoch 19 yrs, Whisky in the Church, Den Haag, 2009,

aged 19 yrs, no. 17 of 30 bottles, cask no. 30534, 54,6 % abv

Colour: Gold

Nose: (22) Spicy, black and white liquorice (Dutch sweet), heatherfields and a slight breeze of smoke…After 5 minutes: Less complex, the nose starts to decompress… heather, a dusty attick, fixative in a (photo)darkroom.:After a good 10 minutes: iodine, petrol fumes… luckely I’m not smoking now…

Taste: (23) Spicy attack of white and black pepper, some heather and honey crawling into the crowd of senses… slightly bitter as dark bitterly chocolate, white marzipan, thin film of heather and honey in your mouth… quite nice! No, really nice! Well done Raymond! Reminds me of a special night in December…

Aftertaste: (23) Bitterly and peppery, does’nt taste like a cask strength whisky at all… or is that just me? Liquorice, a bit constringent like “Rang” sweets, some tannines from the wood, red berries?

Overall: (24) A great whisky, really one to preserve for a special occasion. In my case that is a Saturday night, listening to The Cure’s “How beautiful you are” on a headphone. Really, this Bladnoch is beautiful! Best one I’ve tasted so far! On the label is written: “Reinder, good luck and make me money” (based upon a business-talk earlier) by Raymond… well I would Raymond, but you only made 30 bottles of this great spirit! Time to bottle some extra casks… Show the world how beautiful Bladnoch can be! 92/100

Notes supplied by Reinder


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