Bladnoch 6yo 56.4% Sherry Matured

Bladnoch 6yo 56.4% Sherry Matured 20cl

We believe this is the first bottling of the new owner’s spirit.

Colour: gold

Nose: one thousand times more expressive than the 15yo at first nosing. Big notes of caramel creme, vanilla fudge, warm butter, ginger and soft curry that remind me of Glenmorangie’s experiments with new oak. Weird? Or is it me? The citrussy notes arise only afterba few minutes, together with now obvious sherry notes. Gets more and more vinous I must say, let’s see what happens with water. With water (right!): more of the same. No changes whatsoever as far as the profile is concerned.

Mouth: neat –  exactly like it was on the nose when naked. Ginger, vanilla and caramel creme. With water: this time itgot more complex, with the same fudgy/oaky/spicy notes again but also a slight ‘lemominess’.

Finish: long, compact, on the same notes again, plus a little salt. More lemon as well.

Comments: we haven’t tried many young Bladnochs from earlier distillations so it’s hard to make comparisons, but it seems that Bladnoch’s new spirit is quite different from what it used to be. maybe less on the citrussy side, whilst it became a ‘bigger’ spirit. Less Lowlands, more Highlands? Now, this was obviously a very active cask, so let’s not draw conclusions too fast. SGP:440 – 82points

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