Highland Park 12 year old 50% Bladnoch Forum Bottle

Highland Park 1997 (12 year old) 

Bourbon cask 6259

Quite a pungent and heavily peated nose for a Highland Park. Very fishy with hints of bog myrtle, menthol, heather-honey and slightly gristy barley notes. Youthful and slightly coastal with some late rubber and iodine.

Slightly oily, opening with cereal biscuits followed by heather-honey and herbs. The intense alcohol dies out the middle and the finish. Although it does seem quite full for a Bourbon oaked Highland Park. The peat is gentler on the palate, yet it is quite an oily/ tarry, sort of liquid peat – Pretty wild huh!

With water the nose becomes gentler and slightly candied with the barley taking on a sugar coating and the intense peat retreating into the background. The palate has opened quite delightfully. Like the nose it has become sweeter and a lot more expressive. Gristy and grippy, considerably more floral and heathery with just a touch of honey and light fishy peat. Delicate (almost!) and complex, this is an amazingly good Bourbon cask (and I don’t say that very often!) The finish just keeps on going, finishing with a smidge of peat smoke and salt.

Notes supplied by Chris


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