Inchgower 28 year old 50.4% Bladnoch Forum Bottle

Inchgower 1982 (28 year old) 50.4%

Bourbon Hogshead 6965

A simply gorgeous nose! Superb depth of garden herb infused honey with a touch of lemon sherbert and old wood spices. Although given time the oak barrels in with lashings of caramel and toffee, the honey is always in charge! The oak is definitely of the sawn/ sawdusty type and the aromas move into a digestive biscuit direction. All this oak and honey is balanced well by the mint, juniper and garden herbs.

Soft, silky and liqueur like with a slight lactose quality. Again the honey shows first followed by the boisterous oak adding a pure vanilla ice cream note before moving into the caramel/ toffee arena. Oooh this is getting richer! We’ve not finished yet! The middle opens to display some brown sugar sprinkled wheaty biscuit before the alcohol cleanses the palate. However the toffee has coated the mouth and it easily sees off the alcohol intrusion. Yes there is a lot of oak but to me it is definitely not unbalanced. It won’t appeal to all palates, but if you love the purity and complexity of good Bourbon wood, then this is your dram!

A drop of water emphasises the light herbal character of the nose, brining out some Sauvignon blanc-esque fruit, grass and citrus. On the palate the oak is subdued somewhat and now kind of lurks at the edges, it allows the icing sugar coated grassy citrus fruit to shine along with the honey and dried flowers/ rose petals. The balance is probably a bit better with water, but either way it’s a superb bottling.

Notes supplied by Chris


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