Bladnoch 16 year old 55% Sherry Matured

Bladnoch 16 55% Sherry butt #2610; born 7/15/92, bottled 9/11/08.

My poorly trained sensory organs discovered the following:

Colour: yes, it does have colour. Obviously a sherry cask.

Oily, toffee, malty, oatmeal, maple syrup with pecan, a little smoke and honey in the back ground. Sherry but not dominating. Water brings out acetaldehyde/butter and citrusy notes. Develops peach and passion fruit over time.

Palate: A nice cascade of impressions, starting off with sherry, then tea (Ceylon), a short moment of wet paper and ending with wood and grassiness. Water brings out creaminess and accentuates the paper and tea notes. Earthy geranium notes emerge. Full bodied with a medium to long finish, with the tea notes lingering.

Pleasant complexity and great intensity, but a little unbalanced. I’m not overly excited about smelling oatmeal and nutty maple syrup in my whisky. These elements are a bit too dominant for my taste, but I’m sure lovers of maple syrup sweetened granola beg to differ. Fits in the category of recommended whiskies (83) in my universe.

Notes supplied by Forum Member bpbleus

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