Dailuaine 26 Year Old 53.1% Bladnoch Forum Bottle

Dailuaine Sherry Hogshead 4315 bottled for Bladnoch Distillery Forum, 26yo 53.1% Distilled 2nd November 1983, Bottled 7th July 2010, bottle no 114/276

Colour : Hay, pale straw
Nose : a delightful mix of classic dried and fresh fruits, wine and wood. By classic sherry fruits I mean raisins, plums etc. I thorogh search reveals a bit of Vanilla. The fruity/spiced woody nose makes this a dream to nose. I really enjoy it
Palate : It delivers like a minty ex-bourbon, but the palate is soon dominated slightly by raisins and wood bitterness. The delivery is sharp on the alcohol and the bitterness might be too much for some. Me ?. I love the mint/sherry combinations.
Finish : Quite long and like a fresh-mint
Overall this whisky has an unusual property. You often see E150’ed whiskies that looks like a sherry cask, but when you taste it the colour and taste doesn’t match at all. You can say the same here, but you don’t feel fooled, but surprised. This whisky doesn’t look like an ex-sherry cask whisky, but it sure taste like one. Colour adjusted with chlorine ?

Notes supplied by Steffen


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