Linkwood 26 year old 50.1% Bladnoch Forum Bottle

Linkwood 1984 (26 year old) 50.1% £TBC
Bourbon Hogshead 54

It takes awhile for this venerable malt to get going. A gentle depth of dusty mature honey followed by some old wood spices and parma violet notes. The honey is beautifully layered and over time it becomes more floral.
The palate is quite woody with plenty of tannins, which together with the alcohol dry the mouth out somewhat. I get the impression that there is some honeyed tropical fruit to come out and the finish is livened up with plenty of spice.

With water the nose is oilier but gorgeously fruity and more expressive with some light Satsuma, straw, earth and citrus fruits. Still delicate with some brittle honey and malt now apparent. The palate has now opened up a treat and the suspected tropical guava, honeydew melon has appeared along with a touch of tangerine. Lovely maturity, the spirit is holding up really well, as Linkwood often does, and again the finish is long and full of dusty spices.

Notes supplied by Chris


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