Bladnoch Distillery

Established 1817

Scotland’s most southerly distillery nestles on the green banks of the River Bladnoch, from which it takes its name. Located in this beautifully remote area of Galloway, the distillery has been producing the “Spirit of the Lowlands” since 1817.

The cluster of slate roofed stone buildings hold the promise of sights and smells that have enticed visitors to Scotland for many years.

Wander through warehouses steeped in the atmosphere of sleeping whisky. Experience the noise and steam of the Mash House. Inhale the heady vapours of the Tun Room. Soaring copper stills await you as you enter the Still House to watch the spirit flow like liquid crystal through the spirit safe. Meander through the distillery gardens and make your way to the Dramming Room to enjoy a dram of Bladnoch’s finest single malt whisky and appreciate our little corner of heaven here in Galloway.

The Distillery Shop offers an unsurpassed selection of Bladnoch Whisky as well as a huge variety of Scottish gifts, glassware, jewellery and woollens.


1 Response to Bladnoch Distillery

  1. Graham Walters says:

    We ( my wife and in-laws) visited Bladnoch on the 31st of July, it was a horrible wet day, and to make matters worse I hit a deer on the way there.
    But once at Bladnoch the weather and damage to the car were forgotten, as we were shown around your lovely distillery, the tour was worth a lot more than the £3 each we paid, the young girl who showed us around was great and very well informed ( sorry can’t remember her name, but she had black tightly curled hair).
    We enjoyed the tour and tasting so much, the flavours you produce, I only wish I could have bought more to bring back.
    Wishing you every success for the future, and carry on distilling a beautiful whisky.

    The Walters family
    Andover Hampshire.

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